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Daughter Of A Southern King chapter 3
They woke at first light to see the fox had returned and was feasting on the half eaten remains of Oryis’ kill. Oryis barely even noticed him when he picked up the carcass while Eria packed her things. She shouldered the leather bags and patted Oryis ‘neck. Today she would walk, the city wasn’t that far and her legs could use a bit of stretching of their own.
They were about three quarters of the way to the city when guards began to notice them or Eria at least. Oryis’ coat blended in with the environment easily and could not be seen from afar even with his immense size and giant teeth that were sunk into the flesh of the kill he carried with him. Eria stopped and looked to Oryis “stay here,” she said before noticing that the fox had trailed behind picking up pieces of the carcass that had fallen off. Oryis dropped the carcass in a thicket of long grass off the side of the road and began finishing the meal giving no acknowledgement to the canine that
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Daughter Of A Southern King Chapter 2
It had been three months since she left the Arkine Desert when she came upon a sight she had only heard of in stories from traveling merchants of the north. A lone mountain pierced the sky like a rose’s thorn piercing delicate skin greeted her eyes from her rocky perch. The Lonely Mountain as it was called. A home to dwarves of the north it was said. Well, she’ll be the judge of that.
Her name was Eria Orenda Speartooth and she was a dwarf of the south, she had sand blond hair braided with golden beads and brightly coloured feathers, chocolate brown eyes, an elegant nose and full rosy lips and no beard; like her mother. Eria was as a common site in her kingdom. Dwarf woman of the south rarely grew beards and had less hair on their bodies unlike the dwarf women Eria had heard in the stories the merchants told.
Eria wore clothing unseen to this new world she entered but common in most dwarf women in the south. It was white, fitted and easy to move in; something the women of h
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Daughter Of A Southern King chapter 1
Daughter of a Southern King
Two dire wolves crouched outside the open gates of Erebor peering in, one white one black but both large and fearsome in battle and loyalty. Strapped upon their backs were odd leather saddles, one man stood with them, his skin like copper and his hair straight and black. The white dire looked to the south toward the ruins of dale whimpering softly before gazing back inside, the ears of the black dire twitched for their perked position.
Inside though was what they were focused on, a tawny figure slinking amongst the blackened halls of the once beautiful halls of Erebor. The smell of smoke and burnt flesh was polluted the air and puddles of melted gold dotted the floor gleaming and shining in the flickering light of burning torches. Large tawny paws placed themselves delicately upon the gold riddled floors trying not to disturb anything that make a sound. A rosy nose owed by a tawny feline face sniffed the charred remains of a once living dwarf. He raised his
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